Chris Le'cand-Harwood, The Employer Content Studio

The Studio for Employers

Agility and efficiency is an important part of content production. Our business model doesn't rely on expensive overheads and super long project plans. 
We have access to studios around the country, our own online studio, we can set up on-site with an employer, and even walk and talk with our mobile recording set ups.
Our content producers are tried and trusted freelancers and businesses to guide you all of the way. 
This all means we are flexible and cost effective with our production process. Your budget can breath a sigh of relief.

Brought to you by Content Marketing Pod Ltd

The Employer Content Studio is a dedicated service for employer brands - brought to you by Content Marketing Pod Ltd.
In 2019, Chris Le'cand-Harwood set up Content Marketing Pod Ltd and has 20+ years in employer, education and consumer marketing agencies. And there's a real need for agile and cost-effective content strategy and production in employer branding.
Everything we do is driven by the principles of content marketing, help and inspire first - sell second. 

Strategy & Production Lead

Chris Le'cand-Harwood is Strategy & Production Lead at The Employer Content Studio, and Director of Content Marketing Pod Ltd. He crafts content strategies from employer brands and turns that into authentic and affordable content.

Production Partners

Our tried and trusted network of content production specialists provides comprehensive expertise in creating powerful employer content across video, podcasts, online events, and the written word.

Distribution Partners

The quality of content doesn't matter if it doesn't reach the right people. We have trusted links with paid media specialists who ensure you get the best value from the content we produce for your employer branding. 

Marketing that matters.

We love creating content that helps and inspires people to take the next step in their career with confidence. It's the best type of marketing out there.
But content means nothing if you don't have the right direction and it doesn't reach the right people. It's more than just creating content.

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