Our employer content partnerships

We're more than your average content studio - we help you produce content in context.
We think holistically about content so it earns the attention of talent. 


We'll be your trusted partner who works with you and your team to set them up for success. 20+ years in employer marketing means you get access to solid experience backed with truly modern-day marketing. 

Strategy & Planning

Make sure you're creating the best experience for future talent. Our strategy and planning partnership gives your team and partners the focus they need to produce quality content efficiently. 


We can manage the whole production process, from strategy and concept to planning, production and post-production. We can work with your production partners or assemble a team for you.

Partnership Packages

Let's dive into more detail about how we help employers. 
What we offer

  • Marketing mentoring and training

  • Outsourced Talent Marketing Director or Employer Content Lead

  • Strategy and content workshop facilitation

  • Trends and landscape presentations

  • Content marketing operations advice

  • Creative ideation

Strategy & Planning
  • Employer Brand Content Strategy Playbook build

  • Campaign strategy build

  • Content planning and content production briefing 

  • Series and episode planning

  • Storyboarding & Shot lists

  • Employee briefings & Interviews

  • Producing and Directing on set [in person and remotely]

Speak at your event
  • Chris is highly active in the sector and brings a wealth of experience and opinion to the employer marketing world

  • His podcast and YouTube Channel have over 100 episodes and 60,000+ streams which makes him a big voice in employer marketing

  • Chris talks at events and interviews people on stage, and he can do the same for you.


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