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We’ve been in business for over 4 years but we’ve already won 6 awards for our work in employer branding content with Cygnet Health Care and the Royal Air Force - The RMAs, The Employer Brand Management Awards and The Digital Impact Awards.
To be on stage amongst established agencies makes us, and our clients, very happy! Here are some of the judges comments. 
Recruitment Marketing Awards, Best Content Marketing Category [2021]

Cygnet Health Care

“The judges picked out this entry not just because of its creative aspect, but because there was a really strong cohesive strategy about what they are doing and how they are doing it, with lots of content.”
Recruitment Marketing Awards, Best Use of Audio Category [2022]

Cygnet Health Care

This campaign provided authentic content, was specific, well targeted, and resulted in great employee engagement. This demonstrated a strategic use of audio and they really utilised their employees...”
Recruitment Marketing Awards, Best Use of Audio Category [2023]

Royal Air Force & Not Going To Uni

“Excellent campaign really showcasing other opportunities aside from university through the use of podcasts.”

Occupational Therapists

We created "The OT Life" - a content series dedicated to help Cygnet Health Care recruit Occupational Therapists. A podcast, talking heads and blog posts gave our partners a wide range of rich content for their campaign microsite and media campaign. 
The OT Life with Cygnet Health Care

Speech & Language Therapists

What do you do  when talent is limited and they're not known for changing employers often? You need to do more than promote the company as "an employer of choice".
Instead, we elevated the stories, opinions and advice of talent within the business - we produced content that would interest Speech & Language Therapists as professionals, not just job seekers. Our content series included podcasts, talking heads and stories, and it was wrapped up under our "Me & SLT" concept. 
The OT Life with Cygnet Health Care
The OT Life with Cygnet Health Care


We produced a suit of content for nurse recruitment that was unpinned by Cygnet Health Care's "Life changing careers" EVP. The "Why We Care: Nursing Career Podcast" is packed full stories, opinion and advice to help nurses take they next step in their career with confidence. All of this was house on one of our partner's campaign microsite to support nurse recruitment marketing.
Why We Care Nursing Careers Podcast with Cygnet Health Care

Life Changing Stories

Being a support worker in mental healthcare is tough, and Cygnet Health Care wanted to attract career changers who wanted a more meaningful career. So we worked with Cygnet's video production partner to plan and produce a series featuring staff who had stories to share and advice to give. 

Finding your career potential

We worked with Not Going To Uni, for their client - the Royal Air Force. We worked alongside their in-house video producer to plan and produce an apprenticeship podcast - "Find Your Force: Your Career Potential Podcast". This involved staff from all walks of life and experiences and was packed full of stories and advice to help people take the first step in their career with confidence. 
Find Your Force - The Career Potential Podcast x NGTU & Content Marketing Pod

The photographer's life

Ok so this isn't employer content, but it does showcase the lives of photographers. We produced a content series for an independent camera shop on King's Parade in Cambridge - it's called The Photographers of Cambridge. This storytelling device gives us a clear reason to talk to photographers and what they love about their full-time, or part-time, passion. We've had great conversations on the streets of Cambridge, by the River Cam and in the stands at Cambridge United Football Club. 
Find Your Force - The Career Potential Podcast x NGTU & Content Marketing Pod

Changing Lives - The podcast for staff at Cygnet

Life changing careers - this is the EVP of Cygnet and we used it to inspire a podcast for staff. Our content strategy, messaging and production support helped Cygnet get their first 6 episodes launched in what is a valuable employee comms tool for sharing some inspiring stories in mental health and social care.

Generation Covid Series

When Not Going To Uni attended the famous RecFest in 2021, they wanted to do more than a sales pitch. So we produced Generation Covid - an online series of conversation with school leavers, apprentices and employers to discuss what employers needed to do to support young people entering the world of work in the post-Covid era.

Join The NHS

At the peak of the pandemic in April 2020, we worked with PeopleScout to socialise a video they produced for the NHS. We developed a strategy that turned the video into an Instagram account. The emotive visuals of the video were perfect for Instagram, so we put them on a grid that surrounded the showpiece video. 
NHS Instagram Campaign - PeopleScout x Content Marketing Pod

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